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  • We can only provide a quote from a laser ready vector file, set up as per our Set-Up Guides.
  • Click here to download our vector file template.
  • Just after simple shapes? Shop our shapes – custom cut in your choice of size and colour (we take care of the file set-up on our end!).
  • How much will it cost? See our pricing guide.
  • Your file will be quoted and cut exactly as it is received (so lay out any multiple quantities such as 20 x circles, 10 x triangles, etc).
  • You will not receive a proof as we will process your file exactly as we receive it. It is completely your responsibility to make sure that your file is ready for us to process and does not contain any design errors.
  • Allow 1-3 business days for turn around. See Turn Around and Shipping for more information.
  • Trouble uploading? Email your file/s to VectorEtch@gmail.com.
  • Need help? We recommend graphic designers that specialise in designing for laser cutting here. View our full list or resources.

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