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Click here to download our vector file template.

Suitable for use with vector editable programs e.g. Ink Scape, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, etc.

To order without a vector file, shop our Custom Products range.
  • Your file must be an editable vector file (such as it was created with a vector program like Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw).
  • You do not need to use a whole material sheet, and will only be charged for the total material used. We recommend a minimum material use of 50mm wide, 295mm tall.
  • One file per material. Name your file in the material that you would like it cut.
  • Your file will be quoted and cut exactly as it is received (so lay out any multiple quantities such as 20 x circles, 10 x triangles, etc).
  • Cut lines must be RGB Red (255,0,0), with a 0.1pt stroke. Any other colour, variation of red, or stroke thickness won’t be read by the laser.
  • Areas to etch must be RGB Black (0,0,0), and be at least 0.2mm thick (recommend 0.5mm). Any other colour or lines thinner than 0.2mm won’t etch properly.
  • You will not receive a proof as we will etch and laser cut your artwork exactly as we receive it. It is completely your responsibility to make sure that your file is ready for us to process and does not contain any design errors.
  • If your file is laser ready, we can usually complete your job within 2-3 business days. We typically do not do rush orders. This turn around time does not include shipping time OR time for processing your quote (the turn around is from approval of the quote and receipt of payment).

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NOTE: We cannot do rush orders or specify an exact order finished date.

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Name your file with the material that you would like it lasered from (see our materials).

Max size 5mb per file. If your files are larger than 5mb, or if you have any difficulties uploading your files, simply email them to VectorEtch@gmail.com after completing this form.

Need Help?

If any of the guides or instructions here aren't accessible to you, you may consider hiring a graphic designer to help you finalise (or create) the design for your project.

We list a number of designers and resources via our Resources page.