A Quick Update: COVID-19

In regards to everything that is happening at the moment, we thought we’d give a quick update as to what’s happening in the studio.
We’re an online service with a small team, and incredibly grateful/fortunate to continue on as normal.
We’re here to laser cut and engrave for you; we expect no delays or changes to our service now or in the coming weeks.
  • We’ve closed out shop front until further notice, which includes local pick up.
  • ⠀⠀
  • We’re focusing on getting orders out as timely as possible.
  • We’ve re-added mixed template packs and jewellery making kits to our online store; something everyone can experiment with to get creative at home….
  • We have Afterpay and Zip pay, if that’s something you need to utilise right now.
  • We’re feeling for local small businesses; please do whatever you can to keep supporting your community. if it’s accessible for you to offer financial support, it can look like: ordering take away, shopping online, purchasing gifts vouchers for use at a later date. And non-financial support also: a message to let them know you’re thinking of them, share their work on your socials and express what you like about it.
  • If you’re at home and you have the luxury of time, perhaps now is the time to do the thing: start that new craft project you’ve been wanting to, download a free trial for AI and follow some Youtube tutorials, sketch out some earrings you wished existed…
Business as usual here at Vector Etch. We expect no delays or changes to our services now or in the coming weeks. More info here