Black Chrome Leatherette

This material is a synthetic leather like fabric that is specifically made for laser cutting and engraving. It is versatile and flexible like leather, and offers stunning details when engraved and cut. It has a coloured front side with the leather-like texture, and a black fabric backing. Scroll down for more photos and information.

  • Maximum sheet size: 600mm x 300mm.
  • Maximum usable area: 595mm x 295mm.
  • Thickness: 1mm (± 10%).
    Good to know:
  • Contains no animal products (i.e. is 'vegan leather').
  • Suitable for a variety of projects e.g. DIY tassels, bangles, knotted pieces, wallets.
  • Doesn't have a strong odour when lasered (unlike true leather).
  • Cuts well and leaves a clean, smooth edge line* that shows the black fabric on the sides. Seems to handle fine detailed cuts quite well - however we typically recommend avoiding pieces thinner than 2mm for best results (i.e. no breakages).
  • Engraves really well and can hold fine details*. Engraving typically works best with a line width of 0.5mm or larger (thinner lines may not show up).
  • *This material doesn't have protective tape applied, so it can have light 'scorch' marks from the laser smoke. Cleaning with a baby wipe and/or mentholated spirits (on a soft cloth) works well to remove these marks.
  • Finished cut pieces seem to warp and flatten based on the humidity, so may not always lay completely flat.
  • Is difficult to capture colour correctly; allow for slight variation from monitor to reality.
  • Sample swatches available here.

Laser engraved and laser cut samples close up.

Laser engraved and laser cut samples.

Close up photo of the backing fabric.

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