Burgundy on White Plastic

This material is type of plastic (different to our acrylics). It has a satin finish coloured top layer that is about 0.1mm thick, and a different coloured core (back and sides show the core colour) and back. It's most often used for engraved pieces that need high contrast text, like display panels, small price signs, but is suitable for a variety of uses. Dust from the etching process may settle in the etched areas, a quick scrub with a dry toothbrush will clean it up nicely. Scroll down for more photos.

  • Maximum sheet size: 600mm x 300mm.
  • Maximum usable area: 595mm x 295mm.
  • Thickness: 1.6mm
  • Has a smooth, satin finish.
  • Allows for high contrast etched details.
  • Only 1.6mm thick so it is great for multi-layered designs.
  • Gives high contrast and different colours without needing to add paint.
  • Not suitable for large solid areas of etching.
  • Comes with a protective tape coating that will need to be peeled off.
  • Has a slow cutting speed, so can increase laser time costs for intricate cut-outs.
  • Can produce a slightly melted effect on the edges (only noticeable very close up).

Samples swatches available here.

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