Coral Acrylic


  • Made with curvy bubbles of shimmery/pearlescent colour cast in clear acrylic.
  • Gives a textured effect reminiscent of coral.
  • Manufactured in China.

The Specs

  • Maximum usable area: 595mm x 295mm.
  • Maximum sheet size: Approx. 600mm x 300mm.
  • Price Range: $$ Medium.
  • Thickness: 3mm (± 10%).
  • Finish: Gloss on both sides. Similar appearance front and back, however the back is less dimensional (making it appear as a duller/less shimmery colour).

Gallery of Coral Acrylic Colours

Good to Know

These traits are typical of this material (and not something we consider a fault). Here we try to share with you everything we know about this material; we’d like to empower you with this information so that you may embrace it, and design within the scope of the manufacturer features.
Example Photo

Transparency in Gaps

The curvy bubbles that create the coral-like pattern can be slightly spaced, creating lightly transparent gaps. This is particularly noticeable on the lighter colours in this range (White, Baby Pink, Baby Blue); be aware of this if you plan to layer pieces (as darker colours placed underneath may show through).
Example Photo

Laser Marks

We find that tightly cut corners show dark marks (in reaction to the laser cutting), which is visible on lighter colours.
Example Photo

Scratches and Marks

Due to the manufactures production methods, this material typically arrives to us with some light scuffs and marks. We don’t use parts of the material that have deep scratches, but be aware that the surface isn’t always completely smooth.

Recommended Uses

  • The scale of the ‘coral’ in this material works well for a variety of uses. To get a good sample area of the texture, we recommend using it for pieces atleast 15mm or larger.
  • Consider using this material for hanging earrings pieces, paired with a complimentary (opposite on the colour wheel) or analogous colour (the colour next to this one on the colour wheel) in solid acrylic for ‘tops’.
  • The style of this material is textured and organic; when used with geometric and very ‘straight’ shapes (e.g. long rectangles) it creates a nice contrast.

More Information

  • Cuts well and leaves a clean, smooth edge line that typically shows the core colour on the sides.
  • Engraves well and can hold fine details (engraved areas typically have a frosted white appearance). Engraving looks most effective on darker colours (so that it will show contrast), or when used for paint filling.
  • Comes with a protective tape coating that will need to be peeled off.
  • It is difficult to capture colour correctly; allow for slight variation from monitor to reality.

Want to see it in real life?

Order a sample swatch.

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