Simple, plain MDF. Ideal if you intend to paint the finished piece. Has a smooth matte finish that is the same on both sides.

  • Maximum sheet size: 600mm x 300mm.
  • Maximum usable area: 595mm x 295mm.
  • Thickness: 3mm, 6mm (± 10%).


  • Great for prototyping as it is very low cost.
  • Very stable (no warping).
  • Can easily be painted.
  • Doesn’t need peeling (as is laser cut without tape).
  • Disadvantages:

  • No protective tape which means smoke marks will show.
  • Cut edges are darker than solid wood due to the high resin content.
  • Not a big contrast between engraved and not engraved areas.
  • Thickness can vary by up to 10% as a result of the manufacturing process, so creating interlocking designs can be difficult.