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New laser cut designs

A very exciting time with new designs available in our shop and added services for our vector file clients!

Ins and Outs

These packs give you awesome value and make our hearts happy by making the most of the acrylic. You’ll also receive the internal cut out from the hollow shape (pictured on the right). You can purchase them with holes or as is. We love these shapes and hope you do too!

Shop Ins and Outs

New Mixed Packs

Introducing two new mixed packs of shapes, Heaps of Organic Hoops and Heaps of Droplets. These mixed packs are pictured below, with two different layouts of each pack, so you can see how versatile they are.

Can you imagine these in your favourite material colours? To get the most out of these shapes, create a material combination and purchase the mixed pack in 2 to 3 colours. I (Alex @lazer_unicorn_) like to go one pack of Solid Acrylic, one pack of Premium Glitter and one pack of Marble Acrylic.

How to Order Mixed Packs

  • choose your mixed pack
  • choose your material
  • add pattern engraving? (19 patterns to choose from)
  • want more than one pack? select your quantity
  • want more than one colour? add one pack to your cart, then go back to that mixed pack listing and add it in another material

🔶🔹 swap + mix + match 🔹🔶

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A little BONUS for the Mini Circle Packs

The Mini Circle Main now have 10 extra circles in each pack, for the same price. From 40 to 50 circles in each pack, only available for the 15mm circles cut in one material colour. These are perfect for earring toppers or studs.

Order your 15mm Mini Circles 50 pack

Added free services

It’s an honour to be able to cut your designs, seeing the intricacy in multi-piece designs and artwork come to life in the 3D form. When you submit a vector design file for laser cutting, we truly put an immense amount of effort into ensuring your designs laser cut and engrave to a high quality. It’s not an automated process—a very manual visual and technical check of each file is completed before we quote your files for you. 

We check for all of the common errors that may cause difficulties laser cutting or unexpected results. While we check for the common errors, we may also let you know how you can improve your file or of any more advanced errors we find. Our aim is to have your designs laser cut and engraved to a very high quality. Read more here.

We look forward to receiving your design and have a hand in laser cutting and engraving your designs for you.

Design Your Own
Submit Your File for a Quote

We love seeing what you create, tag #vectoretch in your unboxing of your new goodies and your finished creations.

Have an awesome day,
Vector Etch Team
Andy, Ella, Alex, Gabrielle, Ruby, Charlee, Amanda and Charlotte