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New Shapes Range

We’ve added some new shapes to our range, which are online and ready to order! (we’re looking at you, Valentines Day 2020 💕). These can be made in any of our materials (we have about 300 options!), and choose whether you’d like them to have a hanging hole added or not. Shop by latest online here.

Here’s Some Mixed Packs:

Valentine’s Dangles VD24

This one is filled with fun dangles for you to mix and match for the perfect Valentine’s Day collection. 💗Read it Here💗

Valentine’s Dangles VD23

This mixed pack is filled with even more dangles. Order both packs in different colours for the whole range. 💗Read it Here💗

Valentine’s Toppers VD22

This pack is filled with entirely toppers! Mix them with your dangles for some complex drop statements, or create some fun studs for those wanting a more subtle V Day look. 💗Read it Here💗