Choosing Colours Guide (featuring Rose Gold)

With 2019 coming to an end, we decided to create an updated tutorial on “How to Pick Colours” inspired by this year’s colour of the year, Living Coral. Not only does the name suit accordingly, we’ve noticed that our Rose Gold Coral acrylic has the same beautiful pink tones that make it a great match for Pantone’s colour.

Materials to Use: Elegance

These materials come together to make something graceful and stylish. The soft colours of the rose gold and ivory pair well, with the mirror bringing a sharp contrast of luxe to the combination.

Materials to Use: Spring Time

These colours are inspired by a field of flowers in spring! Use these to create beautiful floral designs (check out our Flower Shapes). A yellow or blue would also go well with these materials for even more spring-time looks.

Materials to Use: Goth Pastel

This combination is perfect for those who aren’t quite ready to take the goth all the way. The rose gold contrasts beautifully with the darker shades, and the matt-finish of the black solid brings down the business of the chunky glitter and coral acrylic finishes.

Materials to Use: Under the Sea

With a name like coral, we can’t help but picture an underwater garden. The navy marble reminds us of the ocean, and the iridescent could be bubbles, shells or jellyfish! Use this combination for your underwater-themed jewellery.

Materials to Use: Pretty in Pink

This trio is too sweet to handle! You can’t go wrong when pairing pinks of various shades, and I’m sure Molly Ringwald would be proud of this sweet trio.

Materials to Use: Down to Earth

This combination has a rustic vibe, pairing earthy-shades and giving them a pop of colour with the rose gold. A wood material would give this combination a beautiful natural appearance.

Want more variations?

Substitute the following materials into the above colour palettes for more variety in your designs.
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