Pine Plywood (3mm)

Maximum sheet size: 600mm x 300mm. Thickness: 3mm Finish: Natural, smooth timber finish. Appearance varies due to the nature of how ply is made. Advantages: – Has a smooth, sanded finish on both sides. – Light weight and reasonable strength – Can be easily painted or varnished after cutting. Disadvantages: – Comes with a protective tape coating that will need to be peeled off. – Finished surface will typically always vary (i.e. won’t always look like the sample pictured). – Can have a tendency to warp with changes in humidity Laser Cutting: Timber cuts well in the laser cutter. Laser cutting timber puts relatively low thermal stress on the material, leaving an un-burnt, smooth edge. Smoke is generated along the cut line leaving the edges slightly darkened. Laser Etching: Timber etches well in the laser cutter. Most timbers are naturally darker when etched, though some show a higher contrast than others. Most timbers can hold fine details, though not as much as when compared when acrylics. The finer the grain, the better. We recommend a minimum line width of 0.2mm or 0.5mm if inverted.

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