10 x Mixed Bag of Paired Mini Circles (Total 400 pieces)

$180.00 $90.00

400 pieces (200 pairs) of 15mm circles in assorted (randomly selected) materials. Packed into 10 packs of 40 pieces (20 pairs). May include premium glitters, chunky glitters, solid colours, bamboo, etc.

  • Ideal for assembling into ear studs.
  • Approximately 3mm thick material (may vary from 2mm – 4mm).
  • FYI: chunky glitter acrylic density varies – can have clear patches and air bubbles (not a fault, just how the material is made).
  • Comes with protective tape that will need to be peeled off.
  • May include double ups and discontinued materials.
  • Photo in image gallery is a sample pack only and does not necessarily indicate what materials may be included.
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