Mixed Bag of Paired Template Charms


20 pieces (10 pairs) of our template charms in assorted shapes and materials. May include pairs of any designs from our templates range (circles, leaves, animals, etc) cut in any of our materials (premium glitters, chunky glitters, solid colours, bamboo, etc). You could use these charms to assemble into pieces to sell in your Etsy, at a market, anywhere! Or you can keep them all for yourself to grow your laser cut jewellery collection.

  • All laser cut pieces are mixed, and selectively chosen from what we have in stock to include a wide variety of materials and shapes (you cannot specify what colours and shapes go in). These packs are pre-made from the stock that we have available and typically ship within 1-3 business days.
  • Each charm included has a hanging hole in the top to be ideal for assembling into hanging earrings (could also be assembled into other hanging items, like pendants and key rings).
  • Charm sizes can vary from 20mm – 70mm.
  • Approximately 3mm thick materials (some bamboo and wood varieties are 2mm – 4mm).
  • May come with protective tape that will need to be peeled off to reveal the material.
  • Made to be as varied mix of designs and materials as possible, but may include double ups (depends purely on what we have in stock at the time to make mixed bags from).
  • May include discontinued materials.
  • If you purchase multiple packs (at the same time or in future orders) the mix could be exactly the same or completely different.

Photos in image gallery are sample pack only and does not necessarily indicate what materials and shapes may be included.

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