Jewellery Making Pliers


Use these pliers for gripping and bending jump rings to assemble your jewellery pieces. Choose from available options below based on our recommendations.


  • Lightly textured handles to provide excellent grip with comfort.
  • Specifically sized for making jewellery (125mm total length, 32mm jaw length).
  • Jaws taper down to approximately 1mm wide for fine detailed use.

Which pliers are right for you?

  • Pliers are typically easiest to use with a pair each hand, as it allows you more control over the jump rings (see image gallery). However, if you are using non-stainless steel jump rings you may prefer to use one pair of pliers (i.e. one piece) in your dominant hand.
  • Round tip are recommended for non-stainless steel jump rings (e.g. coloured nickel jump rings), as they are less likely to mark the metal.
  • Flat tip are stronger to use and are recommended for stainless steel jump rings.

Learn more about how to use pliers here.

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