Red Base Print

This acrylic is given colour by a printed layer on the underside of clear acrylic (similar to mirror acrylic, but not reflective). The effect looks great as silhouette cut outs and/or as engraved pieces. When engraved, the acrylic goes a frosted white colour that gives great contrast for detailed designs. This material has a high gloss, smooth front. It has a clear core and edges, and a smooth, black back. Scroll down for more photos.

  • Maximum sheet size: 600mm x 300mm.
  • Maximum usable area: 595mm x 295mm.
  • Thickness: 3mm (± 10%). Black and white are available in more thickness varieties.
  • Cuts well and leaves a clean, smooth edge line that shows the core on the sides.
  • Etches well and can hold fine details (etched areas have a frosted white appearance). Etching looks most effective on darker colours that show contrast, or when used for paint fill techniques.
  • Comes with a protective tape coating that will need to be peeled off.
  • Thickness can vary by up to 10% as a result of the manufacturing process, so creating interlocking designs can be difficult.
  • Is difficult to capture colour correctly; allow for slight variation from monitor to reality.

Samples swatches available here.

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