About Vector Etch

Vector Etch offers custom laser cutting and engraving, based on your vector file or choose from our range of shapes.

We specialise in making high quality, sparkly things and typically work with jewellery makers and designers.

Our services, combined with our selection of supplies, provides a one-stop-shop for makers and designers to create designs in a range outcomes. We operate out of a private studio on the south side of Brisbane, Australia.

We also sell all of our laserable materials over at My Little Acrylic Shop.

Our Services

  • Free, no obligation quotes
  • High quality laser cutting and laser engraving
  • Custom lasering based on your laser ready vector files
  • Online catalogue for made to order shapes, with hundreds of designs to choose from
  • One-stop-shop for jewellery supplies (jewellery components, glue, etc)
  • World wide postage and local pick up
  • Materials for sale via My Little Acrylic Shop.

Testimonials 💞

Sarah Martin — @sarah_martin_design

“I wanted to write to say a big THANK YOU to all the team for your excellent customer service and support.

I recently had an issue with one of the colours in my last order and I had the issue resolved and a new batch sent off express post the same day. As a small business operating in a regional area in the Northern Territory it can be hard sourcing services and materials but the VE team make it super easy!

I have been getting my laser cutting and etching done with the VE team for a few years now and have always had a very positive experience. Thanks again!”

Our Studio and Business Hours

  • Order collection hours:

    Monday – Thursday:
    7am – 4pm

    10am – 2pm

  • Street Address: 241H 49 Station Road, Yeerongpilly, QLD 4105.
  • Parking: There is a car park at the front of the studio and street parking available along Station Road and Lucy Street.

Our Machines

Our laser machines are vital tools to Vector Etch and we love them dearly. Our laser machines are Trotec brand, designed and made in Austria. Trotec are leaders worldwide in the laser machines industry; they set a high benchmark for fine and precise details, all in the quickest time possible. In our experience, they have proven to have excellent customer service too; we have never gone a day without a fully operating machine. Once in our busiest period our laser tube died (it ran out of pew’s!) and we had a replacement machine (the same model) delivered on loan to us from Trotec on the same day!

We have a Trotec Speedy 100 and two Trotec Speedy 360’s. The 100 model is our smaller laser machine (bed size up to 600mm x 300mm) – it can be more suitable for fine detail engraving. The 360’s are our larger, more powerful lasers – they are well suited for high volume, precise laser cutting. We commonly refer to them as the mumma and bub lasers.

Our Story and Background

Vector Etch was first established in 2014 by Andy Holloway to create laser cut jewellery, and is now run by Alex Lawton & Tyler Hood. Vector Etch has grown to be a tight team of passionate creatives, offering custom laser cutting for jewellery makers, crafters and designers. All of our services are carried out in our studio in Yeerongpilly, and we are thrilled to share our resources with others to assists them to produce laser cut and engraved pieces.

More recently, we’ve been working towards creating online resources (such as expanding our design range and tutorials for all aspects related to lasering) to share some of the things that we have learnt. We love helping and seeing people create custom pieces from their own designs! All of the staff here are makers too in their own way, typically creating laser cut pieces from their own designs – it’s what we do and what we love! You can also learn to design over at Lazer Design School

Meet the Team



Alex Lawton is a multi-talented designer and co-owner of Vector Etch. She loves finding the most efficient and creative ways to laser cut! As a maker herself, she creates brooches, earrings and hands-on workshops over at Lazer Unicorn and online design courses at Lazer Design School. She also runs workshops and events in Brisbane; TheMonday (specialty coffee appreciation) and Creative Mornings/Brisbane.

Find her on Instagram and Facebook.



Tyler is the Creative Director and co-owner of Vector Etch. Formerly an Art Director in agency land, Tyler brings his skills of creative direction, photography, videography and a keen eye for detail to Vector Etch. He loves packing orders with care to make sure our lovely customers receive their laser cut creations in the best condition. Tyler is the right-hand guy at Lazer Unicorn, too. Outside of laser cutting land, Tyler hosts a podcast about the world of specialty coffee, Shared Brewing, and runs a community of coffee appreciators by the name of TheMonday. He’s also in an indie pop band that doesn’t take themselves too seriously called Dad’s Fastest Swimmers. Tyler loves film photography, cruising in his old BMW and of course hanging with his favourite doggo, Forest.

You can follow Tyler’s adventures here.

Natalie (Nat)


Natalie is the shining star at My Little Acrylic Shop when it comes to curating, cutting, and expertly packaging our acrylic sheets. She’s also one on the masterminds behind those heartfelt messages you’ll find in your orders!

You can follow her work through Instagram.



Tiana – AKA “T” – is our amazing head laser operator; the go to for all things laser. They spend most mornings on the laser machine cutting your wonderful creations with great joy in focusing on the small details. Nothing makes T happier than crossing off job lists and organizing the studio.
Outside of work, Tiana loves going to gigs, drawing, watching documentaries (especially anything prehistoric) and cuddling her kitty. She’s created merch packages and album artworks for local bands and loves to collaborate with other creatives. 

Find her on Instagram to browse her designs.



Charlee is our early morning Design and Customer Service. She spends each morning processing quotes through to our clients with ease and an exceptional attention to detail. She also assists in social media, creating content, filming creative stories, reels, designing new shop shapes and photographing products. Charlee has a strong creative background and enjoys making macramé, drawing, playing guitar and designing new acrylic pieces. We’ve found Charlee to be a very fast learner and a delightfully enthusiastic person to have around the studio.

Find her on Instagram to browse her design work or you are welcome to contact her to make your drawing come to life 💖

Vector Etch Wall of Fame



Isaac was a designer and laser machine operator here at Vector Etch. Isaac studies Industrial Design and Interactive Visual Design. With interests in the digital medium and sustainable solutions, Isaac has worked on projects through uni ranging from a large scale redesign of the BNE Airport to creating sewing kits and programs to upskill people experiencing homelessness. Analog film photography is a part of Isaac’s spare time where he develops and prints as a side project.

You can follow his work through Instagram, or view his website here.



Agnes was our laser machine operator and posted out most of your previous orders! She has completed her studies in architecture and graduated. Agnes likes to build 3D models and create visually interesting illustrations of them. Slacklining is the only physical activity that she partakes in and is big foodie.

You can follow her work through Instagram, or very her website here.



Ashleigh was our morning studio worker, helping out with a wide range of tasks that make our business flow. She did spends time meticulously checking and packing your orders, stocking our showroom to make everything look sparkly and nice, and laser cutting your designs on the machines. She has a strong passion for travelling, and has spent an extensive amount of time overseas, as well as a strong interest in fashion. She comes to us from a background of Environmental Science and Musical Theatre, so is always down for a chat and to help out our lovely customers.



Gabrielle first started working at Vector Etch back in 2018 while she was studying her Bachelor of Design at QUT. She returned in 2020 to work on design and marketing across Vector Etch, Lazer Unicorn and Lazer Design School. She loves all things illustration, running creative workshops and collaborating with other local makers. 

Find her on Instagram to see her artwork.



Abbey started working at vector Etch at the end 2021. Working part time along side studying at Shillington college for graphic design. Now that she’s graduated she plans to have more work involving art and graphic design! Her role here is to answer emails and send quotes, while also working on deigning new shapes for our shop.

Find her on Instagram to see her artwork. Also check out her graphic design website here.


Charlotte wrapped up her time here to pursue another full-time job in April 2021. You can still see all of her work on Instagram.

Charlotte wass our friendly designer, email receptionist and marketing assistant, who assisted with all quotes, inquiries and other communication. She also created design/social media content and new shapes for our website, as well as photographing new products and materials. Charlotte completed a Bachelor of Design at QUT, and creates her own freelance art and illustration. On the weekends, she goes to local gigs, vegan restaurants and hangs out with her two cats.

View her illustration and design work via Instagram.


Ella made the choice to give up her role and portion of the company mid-way through 2020, so that she could rekindle her passion for art and pursue a new chapter of her life.

Ella Mobbs established herself within the art and crafts community with her label, Creep Heart from 2014.

Having had great success selling her own laser cut jewellery all over the world, Ella found joy working for Vector Etch to create designs for laser cut and engraved products. Ella created design content for our website and assisted with our shapes range. She posts her personal artwork and acrylic pieces on Instagram under Creep Heart and Memory and I so stay tuned to follow her creative journey. Outside of the studio, Ella is a yoga and aerial hoop enthusiast.


At the end of 2018, Shauna made a big move with her family and now resides in Fukuoka, Japan. We stalk her on Instagram to keep up with her sensational creative work and collectively feel that she is destined for big things!

It was bitter sweet to see her move, but we are grateful and humbled for the time and hard work she put into Vector Etch. Shauna worked at Vector Etch February 2018 to December 2018.

Shauna was the Vector Etch laser machine operator/master/magician. She spent her days in the studio picking out and prepping all of the wonderful materials that we cut for clients, and processed jobs to cut and engrave through the lasers. 2018 was a big year for Shauna; she completed a graphic design course at Shillington, clocked over 1600 hours on the laser cutter, started her brand Bad Geisha, and ALWAYS inspired the team here to be more creative.

Watch her creative journey via Instagram.


Amanda moved on from her position with us in 2019 to focus on her university studies and find a role more relevant to her passion for Industrial Design.

Amanda worked with us a few days a week and assisted around the studio in any way that may help her colleagues (typically setting up shop orders). Amanda is currently studying Industrial Design at QUT. She loves creative outlets like playing guitar, sketching and prototyping 3D objects. Fun fact: Amanda worked in Shanghai for a few months as interior and graphic designer! It was here that her love for travel grew exponentially.


Casey moved on from our studio in late 2020 to focus on other pursuits.

Casey was our all-round-studio-assistant; they did a variety of ‘small’ jobs around the studio. They helped out with anything that needs to be done with enthusiasm, including cleaning, packing, organising and making everything looks sparkly. Casey loves ALL animals (yes, all of them) and has a big pile of creative hobbies including (and not limited to): baking, pixel art, plush toy and costume making.

Follow Vector Etch on Instagram (@vectoretch) to see more about us, our studio and behind the scenes stories.