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Paint & Cut Earring Kit (In Stock)


Hand paint your own acrylic sheets and we’ll laser cut it for you.
Makes 80+ pairs of statement earrings or 240+ stud pairs
We send you a pack of acrylic sheets, you paint them, and return them in the box provided. We’ll laser cut the designs you’ve selected, and return them to you laser cut with your own hand painted pattern.
From each sheet, you’ll likely be able to make 20+ pairs of statement earrings or 60+ pairs of studs. We have designs to choose from to laser cut the most from your hand painted sheet, or design your own shapes for us to laser cut. All the costs of laser cutting are included in the pack too, so no extra costs. We’ll provide labels in the pack for you to label each sheet to the corresponding designs to cut.
What comes in the pack:
  • 4 sheets of 3mm Clear Acrylic in 300 x 300mm sheet size
  • Laser cutting of those sheets when you return
  • Guide to painting your sheets
  • Label stickers to label each sheet to the corresponding designs you want cut
  • Return box for easy return

Pack of 4 – Introductory Price, Fully Laser Cut – $220 (RRP $260)

  • Want to create more hand painted earrings?

Made to Order: for laser cut pieces 1-5 business days. In Stock items generally ship within 1-2 business days.