Custom Laser Cutting and Engraving

At Vector Etch we make custom laser cut and etched charms for jewellery and accessories, based on your skill set!

We also offer customisable products, like stamps, skateboards and pop sticks, as well as a completely custom laser cutting service.

We’re an online service, and our studio is located in Yeerongpilly, Brisbane, Queensland.

For beginners and crafters, browse our Templates Shop for ready to order shapes that can be cut in your material of choice.

For designers and illustrators, browse our Custom Cuts Shop for customisable products that can be made from your design/s, in your material of choice. Also includes stamps, pop sticks, signs, skate decks and more.

For graphic designers and those who can create vector files, you can request a Quote by File (our best price and fastest turn-around for vector based sheet layouts) based on your vector file/s. View our file set-up guides for our quote by file service.