Below are some frequently asked questions that will help provide pre-quote information for our custom laser cutting service. If you have any other questions or queries, or just want more details, feel free to get in touch – we are happy to help!


How much will my job cost?
Pricing is based on a combination of file set up, material, laser time, and any design time if needed. For this reason, the prices vary and we price on a quote only basis. For an indication of price, it’s best if you can send through a file and some details about your job – we can give you an accurate quote from that. Please check the pricing guide for more information, or checkout our shop for readily available projects such as stamps and printing.
Can you give me a price without me supplying a file?
We can give you an estimate, but the more info you can give us the more accurate the estimate will be.


What is the maximum material size?
Our laser can fit materials up to 600 x 300mm. We may be able to work with larger pieces, please give us a call or email to discuss.
Can I cut my own supplied materials?
Yes, we love trying new creative ideas and materials! We just need a sample piece to test out with the laser to get the settings right. In some cases we made need you to supply a MSDS for the material to check that it does not contain anything toxic.
Are you able to cut metal?
We are unable to cut any metals. We can however engrave/mark most metals, this leaves a permanent black marking on the surface.
Can you send me samples?
We may be able to make samples for you for a small fee. We have photos of pieces cut in all our materials so you can see how they will turn out. See our Materials page for more details.