Below are some frequently asked questions that will help provide pre-quote information for our custom laser cutting service. If you have any other questions or queries, or just want more details, feel free to get in touch – we are happy to help!


How much will my job cost?
Pricing is based on a combination of file set up, material, laser time, and any design time if needed. For this reason, the prices vary and we price on a quote only basis. For an indication of price, it’s best if you can send through a file and some details about your job – we may be able to give you a quote from there, or we’ll ask for more information or a different file type.
Can you give me a price without me supplying a file?
No. We may be able to give you an estimate, but it’s very difficult to price a job without a file as we need to calculate how long your design will take in the laser machine.

Turn Around

Can I receive my order by X date?
We process orders in the order that they are received (with the exception of orders placed as a Quote by File/Vector File, which are able to be processed faster). This is to treat all of our customers fair and equally. We typically do not do rush orders, and cannot move your order ahead in the queue above other customers if you have not placed your order in time for your deadline. For more information, see our page on Turn Around and Shipping.


Can I buy your materials by the sheet?
No. We only offer our materials when used in combination with our services.
What is the maximum material size?
Most of our materials are 600 x 300mm. We have some materials that are available up to 800mm x 500mm. Please refer to the material gallery listings for material sheet size information.
Can I supply a material or item to be laser cut/engraved/printed?
No. We only work with our materials, which are shown in the material gallery. These materials are selected based on their quality and suitability to laser cutting and engraving.
Are you able to cut or engrave metal?
No. We are unable to cut or work with any metals.
Are you able to cut or engrave leather?
No. We are unable to cut or work with any leather or fabrics.
Can you send me samples?
We can cut and engrave small material samples (approximately 40mm square with our logo engraved) by request for a small fee, plus shipping costs. We can not cut one-off samples or your design, with the exception of if it is ordered as a vector file (as you can arrange your file however you would like it cut).