Where to Donate/ Recycle your Acrylic Scraps

As is the case with most creative fields, there is always going to be some wastage from creating tangible objects. Old scratched pieces that are no longer usable or in style, off-cuts from sheets of acrylic, or broken parts that don’t fit in anywhere are all just a part of the business. Instead of popping these straight in the bin during your spring clean-out, why not check out these local Australian businesses that specialise in up-cycling and re-use of craft supplies and offcuts. If you have any suggestions or need for donations, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Reverse Garbage Queensland Co-op Ltd

Woolloongabba (Brisbane)
This is a not-for-profit worker run co-operative that promotes environmental sustainability and resource reuse. We collect high quality industrial discards, diverting them away from landfill and sell them at a low cost to the general public. We donate all of our off-cut scraps to here, so you might spot some familiar materials! Read more here.

Sewing for Charity

This is a registered charity whose mission is to make and provide handmade items to those suffering from distress, health crisis or disadvantage and the communities that support them. They are passionate about reducing textile waste and wherever possible engage in sustainable practice by upcycling used textiles and offcuts to make handmade items for donation. Read more here.


Reverse Garbage

Marrickville (Sydney)
A non profit creative reuse centre making a difference in the world by reducing waste and creating change in the way we look at resources. They sell materials low cost through their website and online store, as well as hosting workshops and donating materials as needed to the community. Read more here.


Reverse Art Truck

Ringwood (Melbourne)
A non profit organisation that collect rejects, seconds and factory offcuts for distribution to schools, early learning centres and the community, that would have otherwise gone into landfills – making them available for the greater community, art educators, artists and crafters of all types. Read more here.

Resource Rescue Inc

Bayswater North (Melbourne)
A volunteer-run organisation committed to serving the community and providing education on the benefits of recycling and re-use. They aim to supply the educational community, artists and other resourceful people with discount craft supplies, and reduce the volume of industrial waste going into landfill and save our planet. Read more here.


REmida Perth Inc

West Perth
This company has grown from humble beginnings to a visionary leader in sustainable reuse, and has a rapidly growing community who want to embrace sustainable practises. Read more here.


Puddle Jumpers

Glandore (Adelaide)
A non profit, non-government organisation committed to responding to the social development needs of society’s most vulnerable children and young people; priority of our work is reserved for children who do not live with their birth parents. They accept some art and craft supplies for use with their art programs. Read more here.


Arts Parts Supply Shop

South Hobart
A one stop supply shop brimming with materials suitable for creative projects including art and craft, fashion and jewellery making, event decorations and more. Their supplies are available for purchase from their Education Centre in South Hobart. They are always looking for donations of interesting off cuts and objects. Read more here.


Local schools and OOSH programs. Reach out to your local primary or high schools, as well as after school programs, to see if they accept donations of this kind. Art departments are often under-funded and lacking in art supplies.
Local artists. Reach out to local artists passionate about up-cycling and re-use on Instagram or Facebook in your area. Some artists are always looking for interesting supplies to make eclectic pieces with, and I’m sure would appreciate the donation.
Online marketplaces. Gumtree and Facebook are really easy places to list scraps and offcuts for people who are interested.
Precious Plastics. Start a business from plastic waste! Precious Plastics has heaps of information on how to build your own recycling machines so you can turn acrylic waste back into new sheets ready to laser cut again. Read more here.