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Learn New Laser Cut Design Skills

With holidays approaching, Alex is opening up Lazer Design School to welcome new students to learn laser cutting design. Dive into 2021 with new skills, and a more efficient approach.
Whether you’re curious about setting up your own vector files for your own custom shapes, or whether you’re wanting to perfect the way you design, or speed up your process, Lazer Design School can help.
The Designing Laser Cut Jewellery course has everything you need to start fresh in Adobe Illustrator, teach you the tools, and help you automate your vector file layouts.
Learn more about Lazer Design School.

Master Class

In this FREE Masterclass, you’ll see the process of taking a hand-drawn sketch to a laser ready cut file!
PLUS a run-through of what you’ll learn in the full Lazer Design School course
By having the skills to design your own custom laser cut jewellery, the possibilities are endless!
Find it Come along to the FREE Masterclass.