New Feature: Sort by Material Price Range

As outlined in our Pricing Guide, the price for laser cutting and engraving is combination of factors (predominately laser time and and material choice). The way that the material will influence the price depends on: how much material is used, the cost price of the material, and a factor of the materials density and suitability for lasering. For example, chunky glitter acrylic is one of our most premium (high cost) acrylics; not only because it is a high quality material manufactured and shipped from America, but also because it is thick and ‘chunky’, it takes longer for the laser to cut through the material (it is slowed down and uses more laser power). In recognition of the variation of material pricing, and in our pursuit to share with you everything that we know, we’ve now added a feature to our Material Gallery where you can sort by price category. There are four categories: low cost, medium cost, high cost and premium cost. How can you use this information? If you’re ordering via submitting your custom file for a quote request, you might consider requesting a price comparison for the same file in materials in different price categories, so that you may make a comparison. You could find the you use the information of varying prices to influence your design decisions. We hope this new feature is useful for you. Feedback is welcomed and appreciated, please do feel free to get in touch and let us know what else you might like to see.