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How to Stay Creative during Isolation

Lots of people have found themselves with a lot of extra time at home with nothing to do at the moment. There’s no better time than now to start a new creative project or hobby to stay busy with. Here’s some of our suggestions on what to do:

Open an Online Store

There’s no better time than now to finally create your professional online presence. With art markets and events all cancelled/ postponed till the end of the year, you may have a surplus of stock you’re wanting to sell off to make room for new ideas. There’s heaps of hosting sites that make it easy to sell online. Here’s some suggestions:
  • Etsy is a great starting platform, boasting low fees, ease and support. Read more here.
  • Shopify has a strong professional appearance, with customizable, responsive themes to make your website stand out. Read more here.
  • Squarespace is awesome for both portfolios and selling online. They have great support and great designs available for your site. Read more here.

Try Something New from our Tutorials

If you’re looking for something new to try, have a look through our back-log of tutorials here. There’s heaps of great ideas for different craft ventures that you may not have had time for before. Here’s some suggestions:
  • How to Bend Acrylic: Bending acrylic is actually a lot easier than you’d think, and makes for some awesome products. Read more here.
  • How to Make Resin Style Laser Cut Jewellery: Resin can be added to your laser cut pieces to make a huge variety of colours, patterns, and finishes. Try this if you’re looking for some variation in your work. Read more here.
  • How to Make Signage: With markets cancelled, now can be a great time to update your signage to make your stall stand-out for when you return. You could try making price signs and print stands as well! Read more here.

Make a Gift for Friends and Family

Everyone is struggling a bit at the moment, and it’s important to look out for the people in your life that you care about. Making personalised gifts for your family and friends out of acrylic is a fun way to both raise their mood and keep yourself busy and feeling good. Here’s a list of suggestions of gifts to make:
  • A Pair of Earrings- try personalising them to something they like!
  • A Bracelet- a great way to try a new technique.
  • A Key Chain- everyone needs a bit of sparkle to carry with them.
  • Jewellery stand- if you’ve got an earring lover in your life, this would be something super useful for them.
  • Pet tags- who doesn’t want their furry friend to have some bling.
  • Art/photo frames- even better if you include a print or cute photo of yourselves!
  • Cake toppers- for someone who can’t celebrate their birthday during this time, this could be a lovely way to cheer up their home celebrations.
  • Christmas decorations- it’s never too early!

Learn How to Create your own Vector Files

If you’re one of our customers who exclusively orders from our range of shapes, perhaps now is a great time to sit down and try your hand at creating your own vector files. Have a look at our software suggestions here, and sit down and try your hand at creating. Here’s some things you should look at to get you started:
  • Our Set-Up Guides: Our set-up guides detail everything you need to know about the logistics of laser-cutting. These are rules you’ll have to follow to have your file quoted and cut by us. Read more here.
  • Lazer Unicorn- Free 3-Day Challenge: Our in-house laser cutting designer Alex (of Lazer Unicorn) has curated a free introduction to Adobe Illustrator software so you can commence creating laser cutting vector files. This introduction comes in the form of a free 3-day challenge to design your own earring tops. Read more here.

Try out these tips and discover your own ideas! Tag us on Instagram at @vectoretch or #vectoretch to show us what you come up with. 🌟🌟🌟