Purchase this listing to custom order a 'pack' of the pictured design, laser cut in your choice of material type/colour. Choose from available options below. You can use the pieces to make whatever you envision (e.g. earrings, key rings) for personal and/or commercial use (e.g. markets, Etsy).
  • Custom made to order in 'packs' of the same size and colour (mixed material packs and/or smaller quantities not available).
  • Pieces come with protective tape coating. If you select to add Pattern Engraving, the engraved areas will have no tape (which you could paint, see our tutorials).
  • Hole 'top middle' location is based on the orientation of the image. Holes are 2mm diameter, approximately 2-3mm from material edge.
  • Longest dimension refers to height or width (based on orientation of image). Tip: If there was a box around the shape, the longest dimension sets the size.
  • Quantity discounts apply automatically. Number refers to quantity of 'packs' (of the same size and colour).
Quantity discounts
1 2-4 5-9 10+
$28.00 $22.40 $19.60 $16.80

    View pattern swatches here.

  • View material swatches here.

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    • -10 $
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