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How to Choose Your Perfect Combination

A little while ago we created a tutorial for choosing your own mystical colour combinations. We’ve now created some tips for choosing your own, as well as more beautiful palette suggestions and some great shapes that would go with these winning combinations.

Tip #1: Consult the Colour Wheel

Did you know that there is a science behind what colours look good together? Have a look over the colour wheel and see what colours and tones work well when paired. It might get you to try some ideas that you wouldn’t have otherwise, and you know that they’ll look great. (Image from Unsplash)

Tip #2: Get Inspiration

Sometimes you just have to look around for new ideas and inspirations. We don’t mean just in the jewellery world, but have a look at current fashion trends, magazines, artworks that you like and even just everyday things! Find out what colour and shape trends are popular at the moment, and let yourself put your own unique spin on it. There’s colour all around and you can use your creative eye to translate that inspiration into your acrylic work.

Tip #3: Know What Works

There are a few design tips that can really help to bring your work together well. Things like pairing more busy, glittery materials with a solid or muted colour to bring some contrast and harmony to your pieces is so simple but makes such a difference. When there’s too much going on, it can be hard to appreciate each beautiful material on its’ own! This idea also works for using big, statement shapes and pairing them with a simple stud shapes to create a piece that hangs well, and will look great when finished.

Tip #4: Get Material Swatches

It’s much easier to see how your materials work together in real life, as some colours can be hard to capture, so you’ll want to see their qualities in person. Order them through our website here and add them to your next order!

Here’s Some Examples:

Elegant Stem Dangles

For this combination use these materials:

These shapes:

These gorgeous earrings are sure to add elegance to any outfit you wear them with. The two purples complement each other well, with a contrast of the translucent and glitter. The Olive Solid brings together the whole piece, using complementary colours to make these harmonise.

Wacky Geometric Statements

For this combination use these materials:

These shapes:

These statements will definitely stand out anywhere, and would be a wacky addition to any party outfit. The different orange tones provide some range, and our interesting Delta Blue Patten Foil is an underrated favourite that will stand out amazingly against the other materials, all in accordance with the colour wheel!

Layered Nature Drops

For this combination use these materials:

These shapes:

We love pairing our veneers with brightly-coloured acrylic for a beautiful contrast, yet many people shy away from the combination. These materials together have a lovely natural feel, so obviously suit our Geo Feather well. By using two jump-rings, you’re able to create a layered appearance that gives your earrings more dimension!

Galactic Charms Earrings

For this combination use these materials:

These shapes:

This pairing is a demonstration of how, whilst this isn’t necessarily directly from the colour wheel, the tones and colours were inspired by the complementary colours of each material, and how you can put your own unique twist on pairings. The glitter charm dangles well using the double jump-ring trick, and stands out nicely against the other solid colours.

Try out these tips and discover your own combinations!

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